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“Great pricing – Great Instructors -Great Location -Variety of Programs
I tried both of their personal training and group training program. I loved both of them. The trainer’s made a customized workout and nutrition plan for me, and I started seeing results within a month. If you are looking for personal training in a fitness studio for reasonable price, Leveled Fitness will be perfect for you. Also, maximum 6 people workout at once, so you rarely have to wait for equipment’s to be free. I would recommend this to my friends who are willing to put time and effort to see results.”

Sadman, Personal Training and Group Personal Training

“Leveled Fitness has provided me great results with their group personal training. Along with with great training, I’ve learned a lot about my body and the way it works. The trainers are friendly and are open to working with you the way you want to be worked with. They listen and pay attention and will work with you if you commit to working with them. There are no short cuts to health!”

Michelle, Group Training, Kids and Teen Training

I was intimidated by personal trainers. Not anymore. I joined Leveled Fitness in May 2015. Being older than some of the other clientele, I started with the group personal training but soon realized I needed one-on-one personal training to get kick started again. It was a great move on my part. The trainers at Leveled Fitness corrected my form, showed me how to properly handle the weights and pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. After just two short months I am toned, I am stronger, and I’m confident again. The personal trainers at Leveled Fitness are friendly, professional and possess the energy I thought I had lost. The physical benefits of the one-on-one training are immediate. I am forever grateful to the skilled trainers at Level Fitness.

Nancy Morris, Group and Personal Training

“Awesome service, trainers and atmosphere! Every work out that I do, I can feel it! The trainers at Leveled Fitness put a personal focus to all my work out plans and it is not intimidating at all. I did my research as well in terms of membership prices and Leveled Fitness is the most affordable! In comparison with other larger corporate gyms, Leveled Fitness membership meets the needs of all clients from students to seniors. I highly recommend this gym to everyone looking to start at a gym with a great membership!”

Ashley, Group Personal Training

“My son, Julian, is part of Leveled Fitness Kids Group Program and I am so pleased with the positive influence and results that the training professionals at Leveled Fitness have had on him. Julian is so encouraged and motivated to attend all of his weekly sessions and is very disappointed when he is not able to attend. As a parent to see my son being properly educated on nutrition, shown the proper form when exercising and to see his commitment to training for his health and well-being has been a beautiful and dedicated experience. The results at Leveled Fitness have had a positive impact on my son’s self esteem, human development and maturity, and overall happiness.
In appreciation, I am so pleased to endorse this program and company for parents who are considering in having their children participate in the Kids Group training Program at Leveled Fitness. Their children’s experience with the support of parents will result in the kids to realizing their goals and feeling good about themselves.”

Robert Nunes, Father of Julian Kids and Teens Fitness Program

“I’m not a gym junkie or a fitness freak but just a regular person trying to change my mind and body to something better. For many years my mind set and goals regarding working out was different, like many women we tend to think if you’re thin its healthy but that all changed when I meet with Leveled Fitness and starting talking about what MY fitness goals are – not some one’s goals but more of what I’m capable of accomplishing.

My journey with Leveled Fitness started April 2014 and its one I won’t change for anything. I like the concept of Group Training with the best of the best, the feel of someone taking me out of my comfort zone each and every time. I like the personal touch of the trainers who are understanding of what my goals are and helping you reach them.”

Amanda, Group Personal Training

“After being out of the gym for some time, I knew I needed a personal trainer who could help me overcome the shortcomings that hindered me in the past: consistency and plateaus. I emphasize the past because in Leveled Fitness, I found the perfect personal training system to push me past these perceived limits and get results. The group personal training provides a perfect scenario to train with equally motivated people and with the trainer as the lead, you can expect every session to be fruitful. What especially impressed me was the commitment and dedication to each member; personal trainers at Leveled Fitness will be your strongest advocate as you set and achieve your goals. I never thought that I would have as much progress as I have had these past 2 months at Leveled Fitness — I recommend it to anyone who is ready to take it to the next level!”

Jabir, Group Personal Training

“Leveled Fitness has amazing trainers! I got to my goals and lost 16 pounds! Overall an amazing experience.”

Holly Newton, Personal Training

“Working with the trainers at Leveled Fitness is awesome! They are very motivating and know your limits and know that they can push you that little bit further even though you feel like you can’t push any further.
I have been working out at Leveled Fitness for about 2 months now, and I lost 10 pounds in the first month. I may not be seeing results every day, but it is there in the amount or reps I can do, or how strong I feel while doing something. An exercise that I could barely get through during the first week, although still challenging, is not as impossible as it seemed.
It’s definitely not easy, but the trainers at Leveled Fitness don’t give up on you. They believe that you can push just a little further and the feeling of triumph that you feel when you realize that you can go that little extra is exhilarating.”

Megan, Personal Training