Group Training

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When it comes to group training at Leveled Fitness, we have the health expertise at hand that you need.  Our group training typically focuses on three main goals – fat loss, weight loss or muscle gain, and a healthy lifestyle. Group training typically is comprised of four individuals who have similar goals in mind. Here at leveled fitness we offer you the option to be placed in a group training class, or make your own.

Group training at leveled fitness starts with you, your partner and your family trying to get fit. We make this journery easy for you. Whichever physical fitness method or group exercises that you want, we will connect you with the right health expert. Get a free handbook regarding group training at leveled fitness. Include you and three other friends emails to get you started today.

We focus on three main goals with our camps- fat loss, muscle gain and a healthy active lifestyle. If any of these camps interest you, we can set you up with a camp, or you can create your own camp, it is all up to you.

How group training works we first organize webinar, with you, your group and the training to have a consultation. Depending on your need we give you a tailored strategic plan to help you and your group. From there we would organize a physical assessment.  We then would gather results from the physical assessment and move on to the internal assessment. Following the internal assessment we would look into your mentality to see which program and trainer would suit you and your group. With all of the information at hand we will then customize a fitness regime to suit you and your group.

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